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Membrane keyboard

Membrane switches are those elements of electronic systems, which are responsible for communication between users and devices. They consist of multiple layers of polyester films and silver conducive printed circuit board. The role of the NO contact is played by the incorporated polyester or metal dome.

Our membrane switches are ready for self-sticking on housings.

Technical parameters

  • matte or satin polyester (good resistance to scratches)
  • glossy polyester
  • UV structural varnishes

Any  – CNC laser processing.

Any, print on the underside of the front ensures long-term operation

According to RAL, PANTONE, CMYK, RGB

Any shapes

  • matt neutral
  • masking filters in different colors
  • single-color
  • two-color
  • RGB

light transmittance of 92%

  • silver printed circuit
  • track resistance max. 1 Ohm/cm
  • permissible contact load 25 mA
  • guaranteed number of actuations 5 x 10-6 cycles
  • FPC/FFC tape of any length in the grid:
    • 2.54 mm (possibility of installing the female connector of CRIMPFLEX type of NON-ZIF connector)
    • 1.25 mm or 1 mm (possibility of customizing the end of the tape on the basis of the catalogue note of any connector)

0,6 mm – 1 mm – standard.
Thickening possible.

  • operating temperature  from -40°C to 75°C
  • standard humidity 95%
  • the possibility of increasing the tightness class to IP65
  • mechanical factors – scratches
  • chemicals:
    • alcohols
    • diluted acids and alkalis
    • esters
    • hydrocarbons
    • ketones
    • household chemicals
    • electric strength up to 16 kV